Major Punishment (majorpunishment) wrote,
Major Punishment

Sit down shut up! And thats a order!

Well ,
Sat down with kingdom to watch the royal Bumble lastnight!
What a suckfest. The benoit/Angle match was the match of the night or should I year. Since Vince don't like having his boys wrestle anymore. I always tell Kingdom , I wish Owen were still here, and then go on a tirade of possible matches.Yeah I am a big Owen hart mark.

Steiner can go take a ride on the next flight to suckville.
I hope X.P.W makes some noise real soon I need something to make me Pop for a change.

Kingdom was hurting pretty bad when he got in from philly lastnight, Apparently he walked into Chris Chattys chops, the big man is tatooed.

Been Talking to my Boy Phil latio and it's been nice Chatting with him, We have'nt seen eachother for a couple of years all because of certain things happening in lives but hoping to get back on track with the friendship again.

All has been well here at Camp kaos , Bought myself a new Lay "z" Boy recliner. Sooooooo Let the lounging begin. Thats my chair Kingdom.

Well thats all for now Hope somebody is reading this crap.
Hopefully will post more often.

Major Punishment
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