Major Punishment (majorpunishment) wrote,
Major Punishment

Damn thats alot of fish!

Got up yesterday morning with a wicked hang over at 6:45 to go ice fishing with My buddy Johnny V. We went to Valens Conservation area to take in the action. We were given a freshly placed ice hut which was pretty sweet, and quite warm for the most part, it was heated.

We were catching blue gill and crappie, small pan fish the limit for these types are 30 each. Well we caught about 100 which was a amazing day , we decided to keep 20 each for the frying pan . What a great day , nothing like playing cards ,drinking beer and fishing in the true canadian spirit.

I watched raw on monday and have pretty much decided the fed is fucked. They have decent story lines on t.v but fuck it all up at the p.p.v. . Loved how H.H.H was shooting on Steiner in the opening promo. Steiner is a waist of time!
Glad to see Teddy Long back to managing should make for some good storylines for D'lo. Hope D'lo can get back to where he deserves. Teddy Long is for Real!

Thats all for now!
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